Rho Chi Chapter


The Alpha class consists of approximately 31 members, with the first graduating class in the Spring of 2013. The Alphas played the active role in transforming Upsilon Eta Mu Colony into Rho Chi Chapter in Fall 2012. Officially installed as brothers in 2012, the brothers of the Alpha class vary in age and focuses of study; including Business Administration, Economics, and Travel Industry Management.



The Beta class consists of 16 members and have been initiated as brothers since the Spring of 2013. The Beta class represent a milestone within Rho Chi Chapter by not only being the first ever pledge class, but by representing the growth of Delta Sigma Pi throughout the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  



The Gamma class consisted of 11 members and they were initiated as brothers in Fall 2013. Although they were one of the younger classes, they are outstanding brothers and the definition of Deltasigs. 


The Delta Class

The Delta class consisted of 13 members and they were initiated as of spring 2014. This class came out with exceptional members. The future of DSP looks bright with these outstanding individuals.

The Epsilon Class

The Epsilon Class consisted of 19 members. This was our largest class to date! With numbers causes challenges, we challenged them and they challenged us. Overall this class is filled with strong individuals and they represent true brotherhood. So many personalities, but together they bring a new spirit to the chapter.


The Zeta class consists of 12 members and was initiated in spring 2015. With a handful of young members, we expect great things to come from our Zeta Brothers. 

Not pictured: Emily Johnson & Keita Naito



The Eta class consists of 10 members and was initiated in the Fall of 2015. With a very diverse group of individuals, we are eager to see what they bring to the Rho Chi chapter.



The Theta class consists of 19 members and was initiated in the Spring of 2016. A passionate and ambitious class, the Thetas broke through every obstacle that came across their way, embodying the true spirit of determination and will. The chapter invested in each and every member and now, the Thetas are reinvesting into the Fraternity to set the bar ever higher.

Not pictured: Tate Castillo


The Iota class consists of 17 members and was initiated in the Fall of 2016.

The challenges this class faced allowed them to build emphasis on supporting one another through the pledging process. As a team, the Iotas evidently embody the core values of our brotherhood and exemplify leadership in their individual ways. Rho Chi is excited to see the legacy this class leaves on our chapter and our fraternity. 




The Kappa Class consists of 18 members and was initiated in the Spring of 2017. Hardworking and ambitious, the Kappas not only met but exceeded expected standards, going above and beyond to set the bar even higher for future pledge classes to come. Being one of the only classes to have all its pledges initiated, the Kappas are an exceptional addition to our fraternity. May they continue to grow and prosper.

Not pictured: Joe Lavallee


THE lambda CLASS

The Lambda Class consists of 12 members and was initiated in the Fall of 2017. A driven and compassionate class, the Lambdas soon developed a close bond that empowered the group through each challenge they faced. By contributing their individual strengths to support each other, all members were successfully initiated into the fraternity. Sharing their brotherly dynamic and unwavering ambition with Rho Chi, the Lambdas have only just begun to advance the chapter.

The Mu Class

The Mu class consists of 13 members, initiated in the Spring of 2018. This dedicated class persevered through the strenuous pledging process, creating irreplaceable bonds and memories among each other. This remarkably diverse class exemplifies what it means to be diligent, dedicated brothers of the Fraternity.