This has been a busy month of March! Here's some of the highlights so far:

We had a successful Krispy Kreme fundraiser. Thank you to our Director of Fundraising, Susan Yogi, for putting it together!

LEAD at Long Beach this spring, and a lot of the brothers were able to attend! 

We had a Big Lil BBQ Bonding day! Thank you to our Senior Vice President, Jamie Uy, for organizing it! 

We had a joint social with other business clubs in Shidler to practice for Super Clubs Day. Shout out to our VP of Socials, Stetson Shimamoto, for making it happen! 

We had a great company tour at the First Hawaiian Bank. Thank you Lily Nguyen, our VP of Professional Activities for organizing this event. 

We've had a great month, and look forward to all the fun to come the rest of this Spring semester!  :D