As the semester nears to a close, Rho Chi welcomes in 13 newly initiated brothers of the Delta class into its family! They have all proven their worth to be called Deltasigs and will definitely provide the chapter with more dynamism and strength for our chapter’s near and far future. Travis Tsukyama’s nine-week pledge process proved to be a challenge that pushed the newly initiates to hone onto their time management and test their true commitment to DSP. 

Many exciting events are just around the corner for Rho Chi such as the Barbeque Extravaganza on April 19, 2014 with Pi Sigma Epsilon and Entrepreneur Club.

PIN night is almost here as well and will be on April 23, 2014, where brothers will have the chance to interact and network with a variety of professionals from around the island.

At the end of that week, some brothers are visiting the Lamda Psi chapter for a small conference in Hilo and then hurrying back for Super Clubs Day the next morning (The biggest competition between all the business clubs of Shidler that tests all clubs’ abilities in football, volleyball, dance and relay) on Sunday, April 27, 2014. We hope to finish the year strong and bring home the trophy for all of our graduating seniors as a last hoorah.  

This is only the first semester of our breakout year for Rho Chi and we hope to continue our rich tradition of excellence as we move forward with our new Delta class.